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Online Daily Sudoku Puzzle - Instructions

Click "Start" to launch the FREE daily Sudoku.

To highlight a square:
  • move the cursor over the puzzle with the mouse
  • OR use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the highlighted square.
To set the value of a square:
  • enter a number from the keyboard
  • OR click on a square to set it to the number highlighted in the selection panel.
To highlight a number in the selection panel:
  • Click on the number in the selection panel
  • OR click on one of the dark numbers in the puzzle.
To abandon the puzzle click "Reset".

What is the fastest technique to solve the puzzle?

There is no hard and fast rule for the fastest technique to complete the Sudoku. Many people use the keyboard only and many people use the mouse only. We find a combination of all the techniques, practice and personal prefference lead to the quickest times!

FREE Daily Sudoku Puzzle - Wednesday 25th April 2018

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