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Online Daily Hashi/Hashiwokakero Puzzle

Also know as Bridges, Chopsticks & Ai-Ki-Ai

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Hashi introduction

Hashiwokakero is played on a rectangular grid of varying sizes. On the grid are circled numbers (from 1 to 8) known as islands, the aim of the game is to join the islands with one or two lines known as bridges. Each island must have the same number of bridges linked to it as it's number and all islands must be linked together.

Hashi instructions

To start all islands are linked with double hashed lines. Simply click on the hashed lines between your chosen islands.
  • If there are no bridges one bridge will be created.
  • If there is one bridge, another will be added.
  • If there are two bridges they will be removed.

Puzzle tip - just to get you started!

  • Islands containing a 3 with only 2 possible bridges MUST have at least one bridge in each direction.

FREE Daily Hashi Puzzle - Wednesday 25th April 2018

Hashi Size

7 x 7   9 x 9   11 x 11
17 x 17   20 x 20  
25 x 25

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